90% Silver Dimes & Quarters Bag ($1,000 Face Value)

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Invest in a bag of dimes or quarters and add value and diversity to your collection. Our dime/quarter bags consist of circulated coins with a combined face value of $1000. Each bag is guaranteed to have only US minted dimes/quarters, and the coins are a mix of different years, adding historical interest to your collection. These bags are one of the easiest and perhaps most interesting ways for an individual to invest in precious metals. Additionally, they are more liquid and can be used in smaller transactions.

Bag Highlights:

  • Silver Content: 715 oz
  • Gross Weight: 54-55 lbs
  • Composition: 90% silver
  • Face Value: $1000 USD
  • Condition: Circulated
  • Mint Dates: Pre- 1965
  • Produced by: United States Mint

These bags are a great way to invest in precious metals and add to your collection. They also make excellent gifts for collectors, history buffs, and investors. Order your bag of dimes or quarters today and take the first step towards diversifying your portfolio!

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