Our Services

At The Truman Company we specialize in personalized service tailored to your needs and desires. With over 35 years in the business, Roger Westerling has the expert knowledge to create an action plan, customized for your goals. We offer the following services:

Appraisal Services and Estate Valuations

We can give you the current value of your coin collection simply by sending in the coin evaluation form that is available here. This is a free service.

Additionally, if you have an Estate or a substantial collection, we will fly to meet you at our expense and give you a personal appraisal. Please call 1-877-339-4990 for more details.

Market Placement Services

You may have coins that have actually gone down in value, even though the price of gold and silver has skyrocketed. This is because certain segments of the market have had adverse conditions that may never turn around. You need to know what coins these are, and how to re-structure your portfolio into the profitable market segments.

1031 Tax Free Exchanges

By utilizing the IRS code 1031 “Like Kind Exchange” you can take advantage of these tax free exchanges to properly diversify your holdings. As an example, you may want to hold 1/10th ounce Gold Eagles instead of 1 ounce coins. By having smaller denominations, you are not forced to sell what you don’t need. Additionally if you want to pass the coins to children or loved ones, smaller coins make it easier to split up your portfolio.